Zinc top sofa table
Cement / concrete top tables
Cement top end table
Free form top is approximately
20 inches by 20 inches and is
26 inches tall.
This base is made from old
staircase parts salvaged
from an apartment building
from Europe or northern
The iron parts are well over
100 years old.
An iron band is wrapped
around a wood base and is
used as a form. Cement
and pebbles are cast inside.
Cement top cocktail table
This one of a kind table
approximately 22 inches by
50 inches long
A vintage arched iron piece was
used for this pass-thru bar. The
iron was welded at all the joints.
An iron bar, also made from old
iron, was added as a
reinforcement. After it was
installed, a piece of plexiglass
was added.
This is truly a unique table.
It can be used as a potting shelf
or a piece of rectangular iron
could  be used as a sofa type
Since it is hung from the wall, it
is easy to clean underneath and
will not scratch the floor.
Let us build one for you!
Custom Work
All work shown was done at Urban
We design/build just about anything.
Just ask us!
This sofa table was fabricated from a vintage
balcony railing. The railing was straight, the
ends were cut and welded at right angles as
was the front banding. The old paint was left on
and the welds were painted to match.
The top was made from used
wood. The zinc was wrapped
around the wood and nailed from
the bottom. Corners were
pounded and soldered. A patina
was applied and the top was
waxed. The result is a stunning
one of a kind piece.
Redesigning and remodeling a fireplace
Hand made latch
Corner fireplace screen
This was a straight piece of old iron
from the Mediterranean
that was cut and reassembled
to form a ninety degree angle.
A piece of recycled screen was wired to the
back to protect from flying embers.
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