On this page you will find
items that are made mainly from used materials (re-cycled) or
materials that are no longer useful (up-cycled)
with some junk thrown in (crap).
All of them are made at Urban, mainly by Nick
and are one of a kind and or
original designs.
For further information, call Nick at
Urban 602 266 3311
Cell 602 980 8660
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Cement and stone top table
Dimensions 24" tall X 24" wide X 24" deep
End table
Home Page
End Table / Stool
This table is made entirely from recycled 2X4's.
Others can be made in any size or configuration
A bench with arms and a
back is another idea for this
type of construction
We can ship anything to anywhere
A  single pedestal table with a top made from
an old ceder fence, the pedestal is scrap from
a car-port and the base is a beam reclaimed
from a house built in the 60's.
car-port scrap iron
recycled ceder fence top
recycled 60's beam
Beautiful and green!
Reduce your carbon foot print by buying furnishings made
from locally harvested recycled materials hand done in
Phoenix, Arizona.
This is a one of a kind
piece of furniture that is
also art work.
About the use of the word "hand done".
The furniture is made in a small "under-whelming" shop at
Our tools consist of a small table saw, a drill press, a small welder and some hand tools
(screw gun, sander, jig saw etc).
We recycle everything that we can and even make our own wood putty!
Please call 602 266 3311 or e-mail nick@urbansouthwest.com
for availability, price, shipping costs or any other questions you may have.