Making Bark
First the bark of the tree is
carefully shaved off the tree.
It is then cooked.
The result is a rich hand made piece of art.
Also available in 3 sizes in illumated wall art
20.5" X 28.5"     27.5" X 35.5"     33.5" X 52.5"
Available in two floor room divider sizes:
19.5" wide X 82.5" tall and 35" wide X 82.5" tall
We normally stock over 50 pieces of bark paper in  the shop.
Come in and see our selection.
The paper can also be purchased separately or be
custom framed with or with out lights.
For additional information call / text us at 602 980 8660
or reach us by e-mail
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The dense fibers are woven, twisted, knotted and fused
to make the wonderful patterns and shapes in the paper.
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